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April 15, 2014

people:oh, there will be a lunar eclipse-
me:exo's comeback showcase
the 'jump rope' dance

(Source: kyunqdae)


Kai - 140415 Comeback Showcase - Overdose

Credit: TAKE ME OUT!. (컴백 쇼케이스)

Sehun being as cute as ever.  (´;д;`) 

(Source: sehunskin)

Group hug to all the fans who watched the live stream despite the lagging system, to the international fandom who helped each other in finding working links, to all the kind fans in and out of the arena who made it possible for the others to catch the showcase even though they’re not there, to all the people who live-translated what EXO were saying, and to EXO and the staff who made us feel alive again. Thank you.


I love you guys. We survived once again.



the jump rope dance

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